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Product News: HAMMEL Metal Screen MMS 150 DK



MMS stands for 'Mobile Metal Sorter' and describes the intended use for this almost 30 foot long machine.


The MMS is to be used in conjunction with the HAMMEL primary shredder VB 950 DK - the 'RED GIANT' - which is perfect for pre-shredding scrap material and cars. The shredder reduces the cars in size to an average piece size of about 8 inch and less. This material is then sorted to the desired fraction by the MMS that is positioned in-line with the shredder.


In the MMS, the material first goes over a vibratory screen. This separates the fraction of 6 minus from the oversized pieces, which are discharged off the end of the MMS to be re-shredded. The 6 minus material falls through the screen onto a conveyor, and is taken to a drum magnet that separates out the desired FE end material. Any remaining contaminants can then be picked out manually from the discharge conveyor off the drum magnet. All of the remaining material that was not picked up by the drum magnet is discharged to the other side and goes straight into an eddy current separator, manufactured by Steinert; a German based company.  This further separates the material into a fraction containing nonferrous metals such as aluminum and copper from any non-metallic material such as any plastic or fabrics.

The oversize material that came off the screen in the first step is taken back into the shredder to go through the process a second time. Our experience during our demo tour shows the oversize material on average accounts for less than 20 percent, and reaches almost zero after the second run.


During the design of the MMS, HAMMEL decided to go with a drum magnet instead of an over-belt magnet to achieve a higher surface area, less wear and tear on the conveyor, and a better FE separation. While the VB 950 - 'The Red Giant' - is available stationary or mobile, the MMS metal screen is only available as a mobile version at the moment, but HAMMEL are working on designing a stationary version as well.


Interested customers can get the chance to see the new HAMMEL scrap metal plant in action.


Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a demo.

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